Meet Steve Jordan!

Steve, former Navy SEAL, joined Elite Meet in March of 2020. Steve maximized all of the resources that EM had to offer, most specifically, the Elite Meet messaging platform within the Slack program and conducting informational interviews.

Steve began his new career in April 2021 as a Mechanical Engineer at Microsoft.

Steve had a very successful career in the Navy, and we know he will perform at a high level in his new position.

Steve's advice:
"DO INFO INTERVIEWS. Do more than you think you need. Do homework for the info interviews, be genuinely interested in other people’s career thought processes, and have a few intelligent questions. Always ask for a “referral” or someone else in their network that might be willing to do a similar 20-30 min call to talk about their careers. You have no idea where these will lead. Good impressions can open doors down the road."

On behalf of the EM membership, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations Steve Jordan!


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