Meet Chris Sanchez, MS!

Chris, former Navy SEAL, joined Elite Meet in November of 2018. Chris maximized all of the resources that EM had to offer, most specifically, the Elite Meet messaging platform within the Slack program. Not only did he maximize the use from EM's resources, Chris played an integral role in the development of the data & analysis tools found in the new EM CONNECT website.

Chris began his new career in April 2021 as a Data Scientist at Microsoft.

Chris had a very successful career in the Navy, and we know he will perform at a high level in his new position.

Chris' advice:
"If you are still on Active Duty, start networking and doing informational interviews NOW. Don’t look for your next job, look for your next career/calling/vocation. Luck = Preparation + Opportunity.

If you have already separated/retired and find yourself in a role that doesn’t fulfill or energize you, don’t accept mediocrity or the status quo. Breaking out and finding out what you really want to do can, and probably will be, a painful process, but with only one life to live, it’s worth it."

On behalf of the EM membership, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations, Chris Sanchez!


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