Meet Zach Marshall!

Zach is a former Navy SEAL who joined Elite Meet in 2018. Zach attended the NYC Conference in November 2019, at which he met Bill Wall and Joe Mashinski of Accrete. Accrete AI is an artificial intelligence company that designs modular dynamic learning technologies.

During the conference, Zach was invited to the Accrete AI office for a visit the next day to meet the rest of the team. At the time, Zach was not seeking employment with the company, but valued the relationship and fostered the connection. Months later, Bill approached Zach with an employment offer. Zach now serves as the Director of Business Development for Accrete AI.

Zach shared his excitement about his new position stating "Accrete AI is a stable startup with a large amount of diversity, a ton of opportunity and freedom to excel."

Zach is a true Elite Meet success story, and his journey is a testament to the value of the connections made at Elite Meet events.

Zach began his new position in August 2020. He had a very successful career in the Navy, and we know he will perform at a high level in his new position.

On behalf of the Elite Meet membership, we wish Zach all the best in his future endeavors. Congratulations, Zach Marshall!


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