Congratulations to Elite Meet member, Brian Kelleher, for a successful career transition!

Brian spent 8 years in Naval Special Operations at the Special Boat Teams. Upon transitioning, he went to a veteran-owned and operated industry leading hemp derived CBD company located in Denver, Colorado (UnCanna | Trusted Natural Solutions). During his time as COO, he rediscovered his passion for finance and made the move over to the financial sector.

Brian began his new position in January 2021 as an Investment Advisor at HighPoint Planning Partners. This is the position where he believes he can best provide unparalleled service and guidance to clients looking to take their financial futures to the next level.

“If it wasn’t for this network and community I would not have had the opportunity or connections to discover my passion. I have learned during my transition post service, that it was a trial and error process before I truly found my why.”

On behalf of the EM membership, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations, Brian Kelleher!


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