Meet Mack Brunson!

Mack was a Navy Surface Warfare Officer that joined EM back in November of 2019. After only a few months, he interviewed with PNC in January 2020 and received an offer in February! Mack started his new career this past Monday (6/22) as a remote worker based out of Chesapeake, VA. He secured a VP level position working governance and process improvement at the corporate level. Mack joins a select group of veterans that were able to achieve all of their transitioning goals before starting terminal leave. Let that be motivation to those of you going through the transitioning process right now! He has had a very successful career in the Navy, and we have no doubt he will exceed all expectations in his new career.

On behalf of the Elite Meet family (John Allen & Zack Hughes), we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations Mack Brunson!


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