Meet Michelle Thibeau!

Michelle, a former Company Commander with the 199th Infantry BDE, joined Elite Meet in August of 2019. During her transition period, Michelle maximized the resources that EM had to offer. “The networking of EM definitely helped. Instead of starting at zero on LinkedIn, I started at an easy 50% solution. My network expanded exponentially, and reaching out to friends of friends became a lot easier.”

Michelle began her new career in March 2020 as a Data Manager at Defense Threat Reduction Agency! She had a very successful career in the Army, and we know she will perform at a high level in her new position.

Michelle’s advice:
“Recruiters are actively scouring LinkedIn looking for people who are showing (through posts, articles, continuing education, etc) that they are keeping their chin-up and have clear value to add to their business during this pandemic. Make yourself visible!”

On behalf of the Elite Meet membership, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations Michelle


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